About Me

My name is Adam. I live in Boston, MA. I have been involved in marketing for close to a decade now. Before I went out on my own and started my e-commerce business, I enjoyed an illustrious and fruitful work career in consulting and financial services. During my work career, I had the opportunity to use different marketing automation software, including Infusionsoft, office autopilot or Ontraport, Salesforce and Hubspot. The handful of companies I worked at were mostly mid-cap businesses looking for ways to maximize business efficiency and ROI by implementing comprehensive marketing strategies.

Consulting and Financial services are different industries and face different key problems that require varying approaches to resolving. However, with the help of marketing automation, the companies in both industries benefited immensely and were able to in some cases overhaul their entire marketing approach and boost their revenues by upwards of 300%!

For instance, one of the financial service companies I worked at connects small business owners and entrepreneurs to business capital. Before they got Hubspot, they were purchasing customer lists and spending too much money on unqualified leads. In simple terms, they were facing a “lead generation” crisis. With Hubspot, they were able to revamp their marketing strategies completely. Not only did the company become self-sufficient at generating leads, but they were able to provide amazing user experience by providing content relevant to the particular business position their clients were currently at. Pretty incredible right? The change in revenue and business efficiency was just amazing!

Another remarkable business transformation that I witnessed and participated in was with a small B2B consulting company that got Infusionsoft to power their marketing efforts. For this small consulting company, the key to success was attracting a big client that would generate long-term revenue opportunities. Previously the company was lagging in producing quick, relevant content and would engage in an arduous process to create landing pages and newsletters, where they would create their lead generating form using their email service provider and have to transfer the code to WordPress to upload on the company website.  With Insfusionsoft’s all-in-one marketing platform the company was able to create quick and relevant marketing content, as well as develop landing pages easily and efficiently and also track all their traffic and other revenue statistics with the analytic tool. The amazing content including blogs that the company had generated along with attractive landing pages had earned them recognition in the online world, and they were successfully able to attract multiple big clients.

As a witness to all the success that these software’s were capable of catalyzing, I was inspired to start my own journey to success with a marketing automation platform. Having used some platforms, I had a pretty good idea of what to choose for my own line of business and I will be guiding you to do the same. These platforms truly are remarkable tools and in the right hands can help skyrocket your company’s recognition, client base, and revenue.

In a very short time with a very small team of 9 people and a great automation system built using Infusionsoft, my annual revenue had crossed 10 million dollars last year. I want to help you to achieve similar and even greater success.

Over the years many people have approached me and asked me about marketing automation. Almost everyone was asking similar questions and thus I thought to bring all this information online and through this website I will share my experiences and why I chose Infusionsoft and Ontraport for my businesses after using the top marketing automation softwares like Hubspot and Salesforce.

Here’s to your growth and success,

Adam Smith